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Interested Areas: Wedding Photography, Child Photography, Industrial Photography, Interior Photography, Fashion Photography, Family Photography, Tabletop-Photography, Publications, Nature Photography

Since last 15 years I have been working as professional photographer. I have dealt with every aspect of this emerging field such as photo lab, insitution, film industry etc. I have an aim to walk onthis path of creativity trying to achieve the best in this field. I have worked with corporate world, Industtrial world, government and semi government agencies and still it is going on. I am fortunate that my work become the object of praise for everyone whoever has seen it. This is great reward for me.

Various awards and prizes have been showered an creative art of mine.I have participated in many competitions of professional photography. For me, photography is not only profession but it is an object of fadhane,of the art which gines liveness to every object/ subject.

Photography makes it eternal for a single object, many aspects are attributed to it, photography tries to explore those atttributes with different dimensions. Common subjects can be presented uncommonaly. Ordinary things become extra ordanary through this art.

It is my perception that this art is like the third eye through which one can see the aesthetics of the cancerned subject.Beauty is explored through this art One can experience the sense of 'Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram' with this third eye of creativity that is my ultimate aim........

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